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There’s over 9 million users on Tumblr now. Reblog if you’re one of the few who’s never EVER left anon hate in somebody’s ask box.




If you can’t reblog this…



That’s a fucking low number. That’s fucking sad.

I really couldn’t live with myself if I did cause I can’t stand making people feel bad.

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5 Minutes Before Chaos \(*o*)/

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he makes everyone feel special :)

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Block b kicking ass and taking names…as usual.




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I’ve been living on my own for almost 4 years now and I have like 50 tabs open.
Bless the person who put together this post, it ought to be made into a pamphlet for everyone in highschool/college.













Better You

I’ve been living on my own for almost 4 years now and I have like 50 tabs open.

Bless the person who put together this post, it ought to be made into a pamphlet for everyone in highschool/college.


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GD and YB cutie cosplayers
Cr: owner


GD and YB cutie cosplayers
Cr: owner

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[Fancam] 140412 Daesung + Seungyoon - Ugly (2NE1) @ YG FAMILY
Concert in Kyocera Dome Osaka (Day 1) © HappyDae's | Do not edit, gif, or re-upload.

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do you ever listen to your favourite band and think


"I love this band a lot"

"fuck man"

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speckster asked: I have been sitting on this question for weeks and I don't think it's been asked (the search bar on my computer is appalling) but correct me if I'm wrong or you've already answered it. What do you think each member calls his er, Member? Thank you xxx


I can’t be too sure, but don’t think we’ve answered this before!! (Completely assuming that they would have names for their… members)

G-Dragon: Dragon Balls G

Taeyang: Big Dong

TOP: Doom DaDa (‘Blow on it while it’s hot'… I see what you did there, Choi Seunghyun)

Daesung: Big Light (Doraemon reference here)

Seungri: The Victory Stick

-Admin A

Hot water, loaches, and flour are refreshing? my bias is a strange man.

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